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Avoid or Postpone Shoulder Surgery with Regenerative Cellular Therapy

The shoulder joint is among the largest and most complex joints in the body. It is a ball and socket joint formed where the humerus (upper arm) meets the scapula (shoulder blade). To facilitate a large range of motion within the shoulder joint, the humerus fits somewhat loosely into the scapula.

Unfortunately, while highly mobile, this structure is also highly susceptible to injuries and inflammation, which in turn cause shoulder pain. If you’re struggling with shoulder pain and have been told that surgery is likely needed to repair injured tissues surrounding the shoulder joint, Woywood Integrated Medicine can introduce you to an alternative treatment option: regenerative cellular therapy.

Regenerative cellular therapy is a drug-free, non-surgical shoulder pain treatment modality that can kick start the body’s own natural healing mechanisms to repair injured muscles or connective tissues. It is a particularly effective treatment for labrum tears and rotator cuff damage, which may otherwise require surgery.

Common Causes of Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is caused by inflammation in the soft tissues surrounding the shoulder joint. Inflammation may be triggered by sudden injuries or by ongoing damage from repetitive use. For example, golfers often experience injuries in the rotator cuff, as the muscles of the rotator cuff are what power their swing. Due to swinging with too much force or using improper form, muscle strain or tears can occur in those muscles or the surrounding connective tissues.

Another common cause of shoulder pain is a tear of the glenoid labrum. The labrum is a rim of soft, fibrous tissue that surrounds the socket where the humerus meets the clavicle. Throwing athletes and weightlifters may see labrum tears because of repetitive shoulder stress from these activities. With any type of shoulder pain or weakness, you should visit a chiropractor to identify the root cause.

Understanding Shoulder Pain Treatment Options

With both rotator cuff injuries and glenoid labrum tears, surgery may be recommended as a treatment option. However, you may wish to delay or avoid surgery. Pain medications may also be prescribed to address shoulder pain, but these can come with their own set of adverse side effects. In addition, pain medication does not target pain at its source. At Woywood Integrated Medicine, we strive to help the body heal itself without surgical care or drug-based therapies. One of the options we’ll help you explore for your treatment is regenerative cellular therapy.

A Closer Look at Regenerative Cellular Therapy

Regenerative cellular therapy triggers the body’s natural healing process to repair damaged tissues in the body. This treatment involves the injection of cells derived from blood cells directly into damaged tissues in the shoulder joint, specifically muscles and tendons. The tissues will then be better able to self-repair. As a result, inflammation and pain will subside.

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