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Chiropractic Treatment Is a Safe Alternative to Opioid Use

The pain you are experiencing can sometimes be too much to handle. It may seem like you need additional help to reduce the pain, like prescription painkillers, but chiropractic treatment for pain relief is a safe option for you to choose.

Dr. Woywood has 33 years of experience with chiropractic treatment and can help alleviate the pain you are experiencing through safe practices. His “whole person” approach to wellness will find the causes of your pain and make the adjustments necessary to restore your body to normal function, all without the use of opioids.

The Risks of Opioids

In cases of moderate to severe pain, doctors may prescribe opioids as painkillers. Opioids, when used as instructed by your doctor, can be effective in managing pain, but they are not without risk.

Taking opioids in high doses can slow your breathing and heart rate. The feeling of being on a high dose of opioids can also lead to addiction. Treating pain with Dr. Woywood without the use of opioids will avoid the possibility of these negative effects.

Is Chiropractic Treatment as Effective?

Chiropractic treatment is an effective alternative to opioid use. The University of Cleveland School of Chiropractic and Health Sciences states that research shows patients who used chiropractic treatment as a form of pain relief had a 64% lower chance of receiving a prescription for opioids, with a 55% lower chance of those prescriptions actually being filled.

Areas That Can Be Addressed With Chiropractic Treatment

With his treatment methods, Dr. Woywood can address pain in the lower back, neck, legs, and hips. He can work with you to alleviate the pain caused by an accident, or the pain you feel from arthritis.

Pain that is caused by postural problems, carpal tunnel, or strain on your back can also be treated by a chiropractor. Using these methods, you can achieve pain relief without worrying about the negative effects of opioids.

Make an Appointment With Dr. Woywood

Scheduling a chiropractic treatment with Dr. Woywood is a safe alternative to manage your pain without the use of opioids. He uses methods that address the root causes of your pain and treats pain at the source.

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