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Dr. Woywood Is Certified With the Federal Government’s Office of Workers Compensation Program

Our country is home to more than two million federal employees. With all these jobs, there are countless risks of being injured.

Federal workers deserve high quality care, and Dr. Woywood at Woywood Integrated Medicine is certified with the Office of Workers Compensation Program (OWCP), which is part of the Federal Injury Centers.

Federal Injury Centers

Federal Injury Centers was formed to address problems that federal workers were experiencing after being injured on the job. All federal workers deserve quality care and help getting their claims accepted.

Federal Injury Centers is designed to provide injured federal workers access to a doctor who knows how to help them. Dr. Woywood knows all the regulations involved with the program, and will ensure that all rules and laws are followed. He knows that federal workers deserve the highest level of care and provides this to all the patients he helps.

How Does Dr. Woywood’s Certification Benefit You?

Often, federal workers across the country lose their benefits because they aren’t informed of their rights and aren’t directed to quality doctors.

With his certification from the Federal Government’s Office of Workers Compensation Program, Dr. Woywood can help these federal workers receive the quality care they deserve. He can provide the appropriate care to reduce your downtime and pain.

Dr. Woywood is not only certified by the Federal Government’s Office of Workers Compensation Program, but he can handle the entire process of getting your claim approved.

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If you are a federal employee who has been injured on the job, let Dr. Woywood help guide your recovery. From getting your claim accepted to providing you the treatment and resources needed to facilitate your wellness, Dr. Woywood’s main goal is to help you.

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