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A Controlled Trial of Cervical Manipulation for Migraine

The efficacy of cervical manipulation for migraine was evaluated. In a six-month trial, 85 volunteers suffering from migraine were randomly allocated to three treatment groups. One group received cervical manipulation performed by a medical practitioner or by a physiotherapist, another received cervical manipulation performed by a chiropractor, while the control group received mobilization performed by a medical practitioner or by a physiotherapist.

For the whole sample, migraine symptoms were significantly reduced. No difference in outcome was found between those who received cervical manipulation, performed by chiropractor or orthodox therapist, and those who received the control treatment. Chiropractic treatment was no more effective than the other two treatments in reducing frequency, duration or induced disability of migraine attacks, but chiropractic patients did report a greater reduction in pain associated with their attacks.

Australian-New Zealand Journal of Medicine 1978; 8:589-593. From the University of New South Wales, Sydney