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The Science of Chiropractic

Chiropractic understands and appreciates the significant role the nervous system plays in the health of the entire body. As the master controller of all cells, tissues and organs in the body, the nervous system controls and coordinates the functioning of the body. Any irritation or interference to the nervous system will hamper its ability to communicate with cells, tissues and organs, thus, compromising it’s control over the body. Once this occurs, the ability of the body to remain in health is jeopardized and the individual becomes susceptible to injury and disease processes.

By removing nerve irritation and interference via the treatment of vertebral subluxations and other spinal abnormalities, the nervous system is able to correctly manage and control the bodily functions. When the nervous system functions optimally, the body is able to fight off disease processes and maintain a state of optimal health.

The chiropractic spinal adjustment is the key to removing these spinal subluxations and other spinal abnormalities which cause pain and impair nerve functioning. The effectiveness of chiropractic treatment has been well established within the scientific research and has been consistently shown to be significantly more effective than medical management for most commonly encountered back-related ailments.