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How Does Medical Weight Loss Work?

If you find yourself struggling to lose pounds or achieve your weight loss goals, you shouldn’t give up. Woywood Integrated Medicine helps patients in Live Oak, TX, keep weight off in a way that is natural and safe. Our goal is to help patients like you look and feel your best while experiencing a pain-free life.

How We Help Live Oak Patients Achieve Their Weight Goals

Weight loss is a journey that is different for everyone. We do not practice “one size fits all” treatments. Every patient is different. Our office provides guidance to promote healthy lifestyle, eating, and exercise habits so you can begin your journey.

Woywood Integrated Medicine provides nutritional counseling to ensure you receive the proper amounts of protein, fats and carbs to safely lose weight. Diet is just as important as maintaining an active lifestyle for weight loss. In fact, you can’t out-exercise a bad diet.

Benefits of Medical Weight Loss

  • Safe and sustainable weight loss: Our goal is to not only help you feel comfortable in your own skin, but allow you to do it in a way that is safe. Under the guidance of Dr. Woywood, we help you lose weight safely.
  • Feel and look your best: Patients who undergo weight loss therapy feel a boost of confidence, not only in their appearance, but in their capabilities as well. As you lose weight, you will find yourself able to do things you never thought possible.
  • Reduce pain and improve joint strength: By losing weight in a way that encourages your body to keep it off, you can lower your risk of developing issues like chronic back pain. Weight loss can prevent you from suffering musculoskeletal misalignments and reduce the need for chiropractic adjustments.

Effective Weight Loss in Live Oak, TX

Dr. Woywood is dedicated to helping patients and families in Texas restore their health. With more than two decades of experience, his office has the tools and expertise to help you achieve your weight loss goals. Whether you need chiropractic adjustments, hormone replacement therapy, or are looking to safely lose weight, we are here to help you every step of the way.

Contact Woywood Integrated Medicine at (210) 646-9060 to see how medical weight loss can help you.