Therapeutic Massage

Woywood Chiropractic Offers The Best Therapeutic Massage In San Antonio!

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Woywood Chiropractic Wellness Center offers both theraputic and relaxation massage. We have a licensed and highly sought after massage therapist on location to help melt your pain and stress away.

So what's the difference between a relaxation massage and therapeutic massage? Relaxation massage uses techinques applied at light to medium pressure, to achieve, well... relaxation! Usually performed at day spas where you can, if the pocketbook allows, additional salon type services such as pedicures, facials, or a haircut.

A therapeutic massage is also considered to be a treat, and very relaxing, however these massages are performed to target specific muscles, or pain relief. Hundreds of thousands of Americans every day use theraputic massage as an ongoing part of their treatments for pain, headaches, and other chronic health conditions.

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