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Reduce Your Risk of Neck Pain at Work

If you have a job that requires you to sit at a computer all day, your risk of neck pain, strain, and stiffness is increased. If you’re suffering from neck pain after a long day at work, our Live Oak chiropractor can help you improve your posture and workplace ergonomics so that you’re less likely to develop chronic or recurring neck pain. You can also make these simple changes to your workstation to prevent neck pain:

Be Mindful of Maintaining Proper Posture

If you have poor posture while working at your desk all day, you’re more likely to have neck pain and stiffness at the end of the day. Become mindful about checking your posture throughout the day and straightening up when you feel yourself slouching. To reduce your risk of neck pain, keep your back straight, shoulders back, and head level over your shoulders.

Use Adjustable Work Equipment

Adjustable work equipment can help you maintain proper posture at work. An adjustable monitor stand ensures that the center of your computer monitor is at eye level. This means that you won’t spend hours each day looking upwards or downwards to read your computer screen, which is one of the leading causes of work-related neck pain. An adjustable chair will also help you maintain proper posture so less stress is put on your neck, shoulders, and lower back. A sit-stand desk allows you to work while standing, which improves your posture, reduces fatigue, and takes pressure off your neck, shoulders, and lower back. Finally, using an ergonomic keyboard and wrist pads will ensure your shoulders and neck stay level while typing.

Get Up and Stretch Regularly

If you can’t use a sit-stand desk, you should set an alarm reminding yourself to get up and stretch every hour or so. Even just walking around your office for five minutes will relieve pressure on your shoulders and upper back and stretch out your muscles and spine so that you’re less likely to develop pain and stiffness.

Need Help with Posture Correction to Prevent Neck Pain in Live Oak?

If you need help with posture correction, workplace ergonomics, and other therapies that will reduce neck pain in Live Oak, come see us at Woywood Integrated Medicine. We specialize in non-invasive, integrative, patient-centered chiropractic therapies that ease pain, stiffness, and inflammation so that you can get back to living your regular life, pain-free. To learn more or schedule an appointment, call us today at (210) 646-9060.