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Regenerative Cell Therapy

The human body is naturally equipped to heal and regenerate itself, which has led to a growing body of research on regenerative cellular therapy. Regenerative cellular therapy taps into the body’s repair response to disease and utilizes this natural process to help with issues like joint pain, hair loss, sexual dysfunction and more.

At Woywood Integrated Medicine, we implement the latest regenerative cellular therapy techniques to help your body heal itself, get out of pain, and function properly again.

How Regenerative Cellular Therapy Works

Regenerative cellular therapy involves gathering healthy cells from bone marrow, ethically sourced umbilical cord tissue, or your own plasma cells (PRP), and then injecting them into damaged or degenerated areas of your body. Research shows that flushing said areas with these robust cells promotes faster healing and can help reduce the need for surgery.

These healthy cells rapidly multiply and stimulate nearby structural cells, like muscle, bones, and cartilage, to multiply as well.

What Regenerative Cellular Therapy Is Used For

The implications of what regenerative cellular therapy can be used to treat is only begun to be understood. Preliminary research has explored its efficacy in treating sexual dysfunction, neurodegenerative diseases, injury, and physical degeneration to name a few. Studies evaluate how this therapy can restore damaged tissue and organ function.

So far studies have confirmed that regenerative cellular therapy has been shown to be effective at treating:

  • Arthritis
  • Torn muscles, tendons and ligaments
  • Damaged cartilage
  • Overuse injuries
  • Degenerative conditions

The medical staff at Woywood Integrated Medicine in Live Oak Texas also offers this therapy for a bio face lift and hair loss. It’s considered an alternative to drugs and surgery that aims to help the body, instead of trying to control how it behaves.

Regenerative Cellular Therapy In Live Oak

The medical staff at Woywood Integrated Medicine work together to make a regenerative cellular therapy injection as painless and effective as possible. However, before we administer any care, we’ll evaluate you to determine whether or not this is a good therapy for you.

For those who qualify, we then collect healthy cells from the most appropriate source based on your health needs, culture them in a lab, and then inject them into the treatment site. There can be temporary pain and swelling, but overall most patients never experience any adverse side effects.

On average it takes approximately six weeks to feel results. Some patients notice improvement sooner. We’ll monitor your progress over the course of several months to ensure quality results.